When i exporting my collection, it swaps variables to it values

I try to export my collection
Here is example of the method

But in the exported file it looks like
“raw”: “https://api.nileex.io/wallet/createshieldedcontractparameters”,

So, when i imported this file, all my usages variables was swapped to constants

What i need:

  1. Create my own collection with some variables
  2. Use this variables in urls and in request body
  3. Export my collection
  4. Import my collection at the other laptop
  5. All urls and request in the imported collection should be parametrized with variables

What is now:
5. All urls and requests in the imported collection are constants

Just a follow up question: Are you using multiple environments for your collection? This Postman doc explains variables in some detail.

See Variable scopes.

No, i use only collection variables

A bit of a shot in the dark, but when you are working locally, do you have your variables set to persist with the value?

See Persisting data

Maybe try resetting it, and then exporting the collection?

I just need to save changes in my collection.
So, request is closed

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