Video tutorial to start with Postman

Hello! I thought I’d share this video tutorial for beginners created by @conbrio96: the Postman Essential Training. :clapper:

It’s not new as it was published at the start of 2020 but it’s still very relevant. Someone shared it with me recently and it helped me get started with Postman. This type of sequential course, very hands-on, with integrated exercises fits well with my learning style and may work for other people too. Congratulations @conbrio96! :clap:

Here is what I learned in this tutorial:

  • Creating collections
  • Creating GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests
  • Using environment variables
  • Easy Postman assertions
  • Advanced Postman assertions
  • Running collections with the collection runner and Newman
  • Automating test collections as Jenkins projects

And now that I’ve completed this training, does anyone know of other similar video trainings I could take to go a little further or to strengthen these foundations?


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I’m so glad you found it helpful, Maud! :grinning: