Bootcamp Continue learning Resume does nothing

Hi, newbe question here.

Bootcamp problem.
Continue learning - “Resume” link does nothing.
Restarted Postman - same thing.

  1. I did the first tutorial in Postman app.
  2. Made the Mock private
  3. In the modal dialog created an api-key, opened api-key webpage
  4. Created an api-key on the web page
  5. Returned to Postman app
  6. Postman had closed to tutorial, I was back on the Collections page
  7. Selected Bootcamp in the bottom nav bar
  8. Resume link does nothing, neither does selecting “Designing and mocking APIs” and click “Resume” on detail page. On detail page the tutorial Design an API is marked with “In Progress” top right.

What to do?

Hi! Thanks for flagging this issue!
We reported it here as well:

Our Engineering team found the bug and fixed it. It will be available in production in 2 weeks from now.