Postman Training

If you’re looking for training opportunities to learn about Postman and APIs, and to get your hands on some badges, check out the Postman Training workspace.

The training is all available on a self-serve, self-paced basis–sign into Postman on the web, visit the workspace, and follow the instructions. If you need support please post here in the community forum training category.

You can take training on:

  • APIs 101–if you’re completely new to APIs
  • Testing and Automation–comprehensive test scripting and collection runs
  • API First–starting from a specification to build a robust API workflow
  • API Adoption–building supports for onboarding users with public APIs

We also have our original Student Expert training which covers API request configurations, testing and control flow with scripting (you do not need to be a student to take the training). :mortar_board: :school_satchel:

Check out the badges! :medal_sports: :scroll: :rocket: