Postman took my money and won't respond to my queires, beware

8/8 - Followed instruction to cancel my subscription, I was not able to remove the method of payment.

8/17 - Recieved a notice that the renewal was charged ~$720.

8/17 - Sent a support ticket stating, I entered the portal and turned off the automatic payment with plans to cancel my postman subscription. I see that an automatic payment went through. My team not longer uses this tool and I would like a full refund.

8/17 - Response to my request for help …

Thanks for writing in.

In order to assist you better and for security verification purposes, please provide ONE of the below details:

· Previous Postman Invoice number
· Previous Payment Receipt number
· Your current Postman Team URL ( from this page -

Once the necessary information is provided we may be able to assist further.

Thank you and we look forward to your response.

Yeshwanth R

8/17 - sent the requested info along with additional detail

I went through the cancel subscription process again today and I received this error, this confirmed that Postman did receive my cancelation request on 8/8 but it was not acted upon.

8/23 - Hi Yeshwanth,

Any update on this? I have heard nothing beyond your initial response.

What is the typically SLA on these types or request? I imagine Postman is in no hurry since it is not their $800 that is being held up erroneously.

I would like a full refund and I am disappointed in the lack of urgency around my request. My teams no longer have a need for your product, though in the future I can see myself in need of it. This will certainly impact my decision as a returning customer.

Please respond.


Current - Still no reply from Yeshwanth or Postman. They are holding my !~$720. My next move it talk to my bank and file a dispute for the charge and get my money this way.

Why is postman not responding to me? I wanted to put this out there for any current subscriber as a warning to what might happen.