Didn't receive an answer from Postman Support

Hi there!
I have a question about payments, and I have already sent five emails since April 5th. I only get automatic responses from the bot. My email address gtf@coolclever.ru .
This is very important and urgent for us

Hey @clevertyqa :wave:

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I’ve spoke to the support team about this after seeing this here - I can see that they have responded with several messages and workarounds on the ticket you raised with them.

As this is an account specific topic and there isn’t a lot the other communities members can do for you here, can I ask that you continue the conversations with the support request. :pray:

Hey @danny-dainton
Thank you for quick answer!
Unfortunately, I have not received any response, can I specify an alternative email here to contact me?
I understand that this is not the best place to address such issues, but our issue has become very urgent.

I don’t know what’s happening at your end, I can see at least 4 responses from our support team to you.

If you’re not getting that in the registered email address that you have used to raise the request, I don’t know how an alternative email would make that work.

I will DM you.

Could you provide email address support team so that I can check it with our support team

Thank you very much for help! I appreciate it

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