Postman Pro Free Trial? Better way to review Pull Requests?

Hello there,

I searched through the topics but couldn’t find one that would help me. We recently started using Postman to write component tests for cloud based services. While it is an excellent tool I have a few outstanding questions that I would appreciate an answer to if anyone can provide one.

  1. Is there a way to start a Postman Pro Free Trial? I saw somewhere that you could use it for 7 days for free but when I go to the upgrade page the only option is to purchase Pro. I would like to try the GitHub integration so I can verify if it is a good fit for our team or not.

  2. Since Postman just dumps the collections into a hug JSON file, and we use bitbucket to do code reviews; is there a better way to view the collections, outside of having everyone in the company register for a Postman account?

Hi @spencer.arend!

For 1., please reach out to us at

For 2., the GitHub integration might help with this in terms of ease-of-export, but registering for Postman accounts would still be the suggested approach.