Postman over SOCKS5 with a proxy-switcher

Hi – I really like postman but still use it as a chrome web app. The key feature that keeps me using postman as a chrome app and not migrating to the native app is the combination of postman with SwitchyOmega (or any other similar proxy tool) – in general I often need to tunnel requests over different SOCKS5 tunnels based on the destination host; with postman under chrome that has SwitchyOmega installed this works seamlessly (e.g. once the patterns are set up a request to http://host1/api1… will automatically go via a socks tunnel at port “1111” but http://host2/api2… will automatically go via port “2222” while a url with no pattern will go direct). Do either the native or new web postman support this mode of operation?

Thank you!