Postman, need help with request

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My question:
Hello, can somebody help me with Postman request?
I have a task to do the same request like on the picture but with my data

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
So I made the request

and I received an error:
"FieldName is not among allowed values. field: FieldName , value: FieldValue The supplied value has not been found within the list of allowed values for the indicated field. Verify what values are available within the list and make sure that the value you are supplying is allowed.

Hint 1 : An invalid content type was supplied. Verify what types are available for the selected report within the Reporting API specification and make sure you are supplying a correct value (PDF, CSV or data).

Hint 2 : A list of the values allowed for a field may be limited by the value of another field. For example, a list of ownership structure types differs from country to country."
Can somebody help me?
I’ve already tried: