Grabbing Data From Postman Environments API Endpoint

While trying to access the Postman API resource to identify all environments I have access to, I received an error that stated “Input parameters are not valid”. I ensured that my API key is valid by trying to access other Postman resources, which worked fine. I also double checked the Postman URL I was trying to hit to confirm it was the right one. Could someone please help me understand what I may be doing incorrectly? I have inserted screenshots below containing the python code I am using, as well as the error I am receiving.


Lastly, I did read the following post to try to get an understanding of the issue - Unable to get environments list using postman API. However, the environment files I am not seeing via the API are the ones in which I own.

Received a reply from Postman personnel:

Hi Xavier,

Sorry for the persisting issue.
We were able to replicate this issue on our end.
I have escalated this to our engineering team and will get back to you as soon as I heard back from them.

Thanks so much for your patience.

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We have the exact same problem.

Suddenly Cannot GET the environments with a valid API key.
It was working fine previously.

We depend on this to work in our batch testing engine.

When will it be fixed?

@jfbriere Technical support informed me that they were going to resolve the problem by the end of week, which should have been 01/08/2022. I’m still experiencing the issue though, so I’m going to follow up with them now. I’ll post another reply once I receive an update.

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@jfbriere It appears that Wednesday, January 12, 2022 is the ETA for the fix.

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@xbynum Thank you very much for the information you are providing.
It is greatly appreciated.
I submitted a request with the Postman Submit a request form about this issue and received only uninformed responses.
I had to insist that this was currently investigated (also by providing the link to this current thread) but then only received a vague acknowledgment without any details and certainly no resolution target date.
I also searched the issues of github’s postman-app-support but found nothing about this issue.
Just out of curiosity is there another way to contact them when there is a technical issue?

@jfbriere That is surprising and concerning. I sent an email to “” regarding the issue on December 30th, 2021 and received a response on January 2nd, 2022. I’d say the response time was pretty quick considering it was a US holiday.

Since reporting the issue, I’ve been receiving responses on the same day that I send a request for more information.

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@xbynum That you for your answer.
Good to know.
Next time there is a technical issue, I will instead send an email to “”.

Another reply from Postman support staff can be found here - Postman API - GET environments request error

This issue has been corrected on my end. A fix has been released.