Postman lagging with many collections

Dear Postman community,

I have quite a huge problem using Postman when having 30-40 collections in my workspace. If I switch to a workspace having not so many collections everything runs fine. Once I switch back, after each click I wait 2-3 seconds for the request details to pop up. It is quite frustrating. Yes, I am using all those collections quite heavily, we have 90-100 microservices so it would not be very convenient to put the collections in different namespaces. Any hint?

I noticed mine started lagging way back in June since I updated it. It’s really frustrating.
I updated it to v10.16.3 this morning and seems it even gets worse.

Hey everyone,

I’ve seen clearing your cache/local data has helped in the past for some.

Otherwise, please upload a log file to so the team can help you out.