Extreme slowdowns in Runner for large collections

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My question:

When I attempt to run large collections, after I click the Run button, it takes several minutes or even HOURS for the collection to start running if it ever runs at all. The run button greys out, but nothing happens. My colleagues are running the exact same collections, but they are not experiencing this level of slowdown like I am.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:

I attempted to run a large collection in the runner.

I’ve already tried:

Updating and clearing cache. I am on version v9.18.2, which Postman tells me is the latest version. I’ve also tried closing the tabs in all of my workspaces so Postman can only focus on this one thing. I’ve tracked my computer’s RAM and CPU while trying to run this, and it’s not pegging. I’ve totally closed out of Chrome to free up RAM, but that did not solve the slowdown.