Postman Collection Format v1 is no longer supported and can not be imported directly. You may convert your collection to Format v2 and try importing again

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My question: Hello, I need your help. I have this error, I managed to convert the .json file from version 1.0.0 to version with the following command at the prompt

C:\Users\AC\Desktop\test>postman-collection-transformer convert -i test.json -o prueba1.json -j 1.0.0 -p 2.0.0 -P

In the following url is the collection that I converted and the one that after making the changes in Visual, it does not update. Collection Postman v 1.0.0

but when I send the request, the file is not updated with the changes that I specify in Visual Studio Code, I don’t know what could be going wrong. Why Postman does not allow version 1.0.0?

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