Desktop Version Import Collection is Removing Body Info

I installed the latest Postman desktop version, v6.0.8, but I have an issue importing a collection. I created my collection from the Postman Chrome app and it was saved as version 1 in JSON format. The body data is present in the export file, but does not appear to be in any of my requests once imported.

Hey @chris.d.cork,

I wasn’t able to reproduce that behavior locally. Does exporting the collection in the Collection V2 format have the same behavior?

If you’re able to share the collection in question, feel free to send me the JSON file here via direct message. If not, screenshots might prove to be helpful :slight_smile:.

Thanks for taking the time to help review this problem. My issue is now resolved as of today with the publish of client version 6.0.9. In reading through the changes in this new version, I assume my problem was corrected by the changes to fix the “bug where request body was not preserved for cURL imports”.

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I’m glad the latest update did the trick!