Collection Runner Crashing for large Response

I have an issue with the collection Runner with larger responses. I have tried running my API thru the Collection Runner with and without any Tests, and both instances cause Postman to crash

Running on Postman v7.6.0
When attempting to run with 1 Test keyed in
My set up
There is one main collection with multiple Sub folders under them
Collection 1
–>Sprint 1
–test 1
–test 2
–test 1
–text xx
At the main collection level (Collection 1 in above example ) I had the following status test running (So this should run for all API calls under the Collection.)
pm.test(“Successful POST request”, function () {

This was working fine for majority of API calls. However for one of my API calls which is about 12.5MB, when I run the suite thru the Collection Runner, Postman crashes at this API call.

I tried to follow the workaround supplied in Tests script running Error: sandbox: execution interrupted, bridge disconnecting - #5 by chrisallemang, (sidenote: it’s not the greatest workaround in my scenario as now all tests will be slowed down). however this still didn’t fix up the collection runner issue. I entered in the following at the Collection Level Test

setTimeout(() => {
pm.test(“Successful POST request”, function () {
}, 20000)

however that same API would still cause Postman Collection Runner to crash.
As mentioned at the start, even without any tests mentioned, the Collection Runner would still crash.
here is a screengrab of my settings

When i run the API thru postman directly i see the following error

the devTools console has the following error

Any suggestions or tweaks to my setup to help get this up and running?