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I’m using Postman to trigger requests to a local Resin server. Everything went smoothly until today for some reason Postman seems to block my 8099 port that i use for a node app.

This causes my local node to give me a 426 Upgrade required error:

If i close Postman everything works.

I’ve tried to search for solutions but i couldn’t find any, from what i saw online, Postman should use no port.

Hi @pandalin22 !

Thank you for reaching out about this.

Postman actually uses port 8099 to communicate with the interceptor extension by default.

The simplest solution in this situation would be to change the port of your node app to run on another port.

Hope this helps!

Then it must have been an update that broke things for me. Can it be disabled ? If not then i think i will uninstall the postman version i have and install an older one that doesn’t have the interceptor included. Btw, i do not have any postman extension installed in any of my browsers.

Well in our cause we have a complex application in production that listens to port 8099, i would be very helpfull if port 8099 can be customizable, also, when starting postman, and port 8099 is in use, it simple crashes back to the desktop. would be nice to get any feedback on that also, took a while to figure it out

Postman 10.16 is working fine, 10.17 is causing issues, and since this is a minor version upgrade it will automatically install it

Having the same issue.

It should be configurable and recoverable. I hardly believe the whole postman app requires 8099 port to be free in order to run its services.

Facing the same issue. We use port 8099 for our application, at least make the port configurable.

That is definitely a simple solution for some, but port numbers should be configurable.

Also why use such a common port range for something internal?
80*, 30*, 50* are all pretty much no go.

8099 is something that people use as a replacement to 8080 if they quickly need to think of a new port number…

  • Make it configurable
  • Don’t crash if in use
  • Default to 18999 or smth :slight_smile:

Thanks all. These are all very valid concerns.
It looks like the team is aware of this now and is working on a fix.

I’ll update when we have more information to share :slight_smile:

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