Postman App window controls not working with latest update

I’m using the Postman application v9.25.1 on Windows 10 Enterprise v19042.1826 (current). Postman has been working fine for me until now. With the latest (and automatic) update 2 days ago, PM window controls have stopped working. I cannot drag the PM window to a different position on my desktop most of the time. The window controls (minimize, maximize, close) are non-responsive. Resizing the window does not work most of the time. Operations within the window are working fine and I can use Alt-F4 to exit. But it’s kind of a pain to use since the update.

My question:
I’ve looked for ways to revert to the previous version, but cannot find it. (I only see how to get the latest version, which isn’t working for me. How can I revert back?

For moving the window, try holding between Explore and Search. The white space right of search doesn’t work.
For resizing, holding the edges of the windows allows resize even when maximize and minimize doesn’t work. Dismissing the window with the X also doesn’t work for me.

so if you go to the very bottom of the min, max and close button it works. Looks like maybe the icon in the button is accepting the click rather than the button.

thanks! yes, there is a highlight that appears when you hover below the window control icons, indicating that the click will register

Hey @dasmith232 @knpatrick @RandyWig :wave:
This issue is being tracked here on our GH: 9.25.1 Update Has Difficult to Access Toolbar Buttons · Issue #11104 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub
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Hope this helps. Let me know if this is not what you are looking for.
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