I am missing my Restore windows size button, Postman keeping to be maximized

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My question:
I am missing the Restore button (the button between minimize and Close).
I already have updated, uninstalled and installed again. Non have solved the problem.
Currently I am on the latest versoin: 10.11.1
Each time I open Postman, the Postman Window is Maximized an covering all the beyond windows. I cannot move it to another screen, I cannot resize it and as shown in the picture, I do not have the Restore size button.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
Since last month, (I guess it happened after an update)

I’ve already tried:
Uninstall/Install again , Update to latest version, Sign in, …

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Same has happened to me after installing the latest update of postman. No solution found yet

It is a bug in Postman, push F11 to resize and the restore button returns back.


@sharif2155032 thank you, that resolved it for me

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thank you
thank you
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thank you :grinning: :blush:

Thank You Friend !

Dude, it worked for me too, thank you very much.