Postman Agent Disconnected

I just started using Postman. I downloaded Postman Agent to avoid CORS errors and now I have the following issue. The agent does not seem to be connected and the web application does not realize Postman Agent is installed. Can anyone help with this?



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Hi @benlaroche96

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Could you click on “Check for Updates” on the agent and see if that helps? Once done, refresh the page and see if that helps to get connected.

All of this actions didn’t help me, agent shows disconnected. I use it on MacBook HighSierra OS. Check for update won’t work.

@damakon Just to update - currently the Postman Agent is not supported on Safari. Could you try using Postman Web on other browsers such as Chrome and see if that helps?

I use Chrome and I am having this exact same issue

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Hi Aubrey,

Another user had a similar issue and seemed to have some success changing their proxy settings. If you want to look at their post, you can take a look here.

Hope that helps!

If you are using brave browser, turn the shield off.


This fixed it for me :+1:

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