Postbot generating incorrect documentation

The answer linked here is quite similar, but appears to be resolved, and not working for me: API Documentation showing wrong Example Requests

I have set up several API endpoints, ran the examples (using “Send” button to get the response) and then save the request - and getting the correct result from pressing the “Send” button. Then I go to the “Documentation” icon, and use Postbot to generate the API documentation for me.

More often than not, it uses another endpoint to generate the documentation from, not the one that is selected, saved, and active on screen. I do not know how else to explain it, but here goes:

  • The parameters picked up from the Postbot generation do not match the response saved.
  • The parameters defined in the request definition section does not match the generated documentation.
  • Another weird thing is that the endpoint documentation it uses is another request, that I have actually EDITED after AI generation, and it uses the EDITED version of my generated document, as if it has some sort of a “link” to the previous endpoint.
  • I have triple checked that all the information is correct, the request is saved, the right request is executed, the right request is selected, and everything else.

I am on version 11.1.14 of Postman, the latest version at the time of writing this ticket. What can I check or do, please?

Hey @descent-module-arc11 :wave:

Could you provide some more visual examples of what you can see please?

Also, using the /debug command in Postbot with return the ids required to debug this further.

Hi @danny-dainton ,

Thanks for the response. I am getting weird errors.

The current error message reads: “Something’s not right. I’m unable to work this out.” when trying to add documentation via Postbot. This happens from home, around 2 out of 5 times:


The parameters that are not the same looks like this (this time took the right end point, but still wrong parameter values):

As you can see, the endpoint is saved (save button disabled) and the query params section match the result from the call, but the documentation generated, use the old one from 12:51pm today, with different values, whereas the result shown was generated at 17:52pm. It is not the full flawed example I wanted to show (the really crazy ones were actually use the whole wrong endpoint to generate, but this should paint the picture.

Thank you!

Thanks for the information! :trophy:

Are you able to send me the information from the using the /debug command in the Postbot window. Feel free to DM me that if you don’t want to add that here.

Hi Danny,

I have been using the debug option now, but the problem seems to occur less frequently now - every test I have done today worked 100%.

I will post here once I have another example to report.

Thanks in advance!


The /debug option returns back some information, that we would require in order to investigate your issue further.

It doesn’t put Postbot into a different mode or anything like that.