Pokemon Rest/GraphQL API

Hey everyone!

Recently I’ve been trying to brush up on my knowledge of Postman and also learn some GraphQL. I’ve always felt the best way to learn things like this is to do lots of little projects and so I found a cool little API that has a whole bunch of data on Pokémon.

I’ve worked with a similar API in the past in making a Discord bot, but nothing with Postman.

Here’s a simple little collection I made that gets a Pokémon by name or randomly by ID both through a RESTful API and a GraphQL endpoint.

What are some fun little APIs like this that you think are worth sharing with the community?


Hey @kcorb95! I’m the same way, I love learning just by doing little projects :slight_smile:

I also love the collection you made! Well documented, easy to use, clear goal. Well done!

If you’re looking for more APIs to explore and practice, we have quite a few examples! Here’s a public workspace with a list of Public REST APIs and for anyone specifically looking to explore more with GraphQL, I highly recommend this “GraphQL examples” public workspace as well! I particularly love the Rick and Morty API just because there are so many zany characters :laughing:


Oh cool! There’s a TON of stuff in those links!

It’s impressive how much has been collected there :laughing: