Graphman: generate a postman collection for any GraphQL endpoint

tl;dr we released, a free and open source tool that generates a Postman collection for any GraphQL endpoint in seconds :man_astronaut:

We use GraphQL with Postman a lot in our team. GraphQL is pretty verbose and we found it quite painful to write all the queries by hand when interacting with any new endpoint.

So we created Graphman, a tiny utility that uses GraphQL’s introspection capability to generate a full Postman collection for any GraphQL endpoint.

Happy to release this to the community as a free and open source dev tool :love_you_gesture:

Link to the repo: GitHub - Escape-Technologies/graphman: Quikly scaffold a postman collection for a GraphQL API. Compatible with Postman & Insomnia.

If you use GraphQL, feel free to help us by staring and contributing :star_struck:


Congrats to my teammate nohehf for creating and maintaining the project :dizzy:


Congratulation team! Creating a postman collection is so useful for Dev but also GraphQL Security purposes :slight_smile:

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Fairly new to GraphQL but this looks really interesting…
Does this work with GraphQL endpoints behind Oauth?

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Thanks for the kind words!

Yes, you can add an authentication header for connecting to authenticated endpoints. For Oauth you’d just have to generate the token separately

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