Postman tricks and tips public collection

Hi postman community i have created a public collection that has some tips and tricks that you could use to cover some interesting postman use cases.

Please have a look :slight_smile: Thanks @dannydainton for suggesting to create a public repo :slight_smile: :muscle:


Praveen! This is awesome. I love ( :heart_eyes:) that you’re using Public Workspaces for this. Can’t wait to try these soon. Thanks for sharing :trophy:


Wow!! It looks sooper cool @praveendvd :partying_face: Will follow your style :stuck_out_tongue: I am thinking of creating a Github repo for a while, will definitely do it soon :blush:

Especially the Data driven approach using Google sheet :star_struck: You know how much I use Google sheets :relaxed: Will try that for sure!!


Hi @praveendvd,

Was checking your public collection. I really found interesting especially google sheets, I was about to try and saw the credentials were already populated. I tried hitting with the same and are not working. I believe it will be better to have those as unset variables in public workspaces. By mistake if we kept the originals, someone may misuse them like I was trying to do so in a way :sweat_smile:

The idea to use google sheets is too amazing. I just love that.


Thank you @pranavdavar I deleted the credential from google auth service so now that credential won’t do anything . I kept it there so that anyone using it knows what to add in those field .


I never used Google sheet @bpricilla introduced me it to :grin:. So got curious to know if we could use it for Postman and it worked :partying_face:


Yeahhh!!! That really helps… I am thinking to use 3-4 apis like this and create something different using the postman. Not sure how much that will work :wink:


All of it will work , looking forward to see it guys @pranavdavar and @bpricilla


Praveen is being so humble @pranavdavar , this guy is already a pro handling Google API’s :star_struck:

@pranavdavar Also the process is similar for all Google API’s. You just need to get your credentials through the developer console. Same like @praveendvd did we can play through the Google products :partying_face:

Just a suggestion, if you are starting totally new, you can try if there’s already existing collection is public workspace and try to fork and start with them, and you can start adding the requests for the features as per the API documentation. :blush:

It will work, you can do it :trophy:


Thanks @bpricilla :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Yes public workspace is cool . I hope we can start using postman from phone some day . It works now but can’t type in script section


Hey @praveendvd,
Great job! We spoke about this workspace during today’s office hours as well - Office Hours April 6, 2021 - APAC/EMEA - YouTube

Keep it going! :man_dancing:


@meenakshi.dhanani Thank you so much for sharing !!! :sparkling_heart: . @dannydainton again ! Thank you for the shout out!!! you are the best :pleading_face::grin::clap::heavy_heart_exclamation:. Never been part of such a helping, laudative and inspiring community and team . Thanks again @dannydainton and @meenakshi.dhanani


Hi @praveendvd! Absolutely LOVE the work you’ve done putting together the workspace. I learned something new going through it myself :slight_smile:

I didn’t know @meenakshi.dhanani was going to talk about the workspace during her office hours, but I brought it up in the later office hours as well! Office Hours April 6, 2021 Americas - YouTube

Thanks for being a valued member of the community and all you contribute!


@sean.keegan Thank you so much for the kind words and mention , i loved both the office hours and loved office hours Americas interactive and enthusiastic audience !! Thank you again :hugs: :heart_eyes:


God bless you @praveendvd


:heavy_heart_exclamation::heart_eyes: thank you glad that it’s helpful

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