Parameter is not limiting response

With NewsAPI, I want to limit the response to one source (eg. NYTimes). I tried the parameters ‘source’ and ‘domain’ with the value ‘’, but I still get 400+ results from CNN, BBC, etc. Why isn’t the response limited by either parameter?

Hey @bwd

Is there some documentation that you’re following to know that it has a filter in the query params?

Found it - Top headlines - Documentation - News API

Looks like it should be a comma separated list, for example:

Yes, thanks - I used this page: API Reference — newsapi-python 0.2.6 documentation

So I used a comma separated list, but I get the same unfiltered result if I only use one domain.

I didn’t realize the ‘source’ value was specific. NYTimes is not one of their sources. I assumed it was more general like a keyword.