postman.setNextRequest FT Headlines

Please I am working on FT news headlines. The request only allows me to get a maximum of 100 headlines in each transaction but I need the historical data.

I tried to build a postman.setNextRequest but it did not work.

My question is how can I use postman.setNextRequest to solve this issue. I need to set the variable offset as 100 to eliminate the previous items but then keep adding up 100 in each transaction (e.g. “offset”: “100”, then “offset”: “200” and so on).

Body code:

“queryString”: “netflix AND lastPublishDateTime:>2016-01-01T00:00:00Z”,
“resultContext”: {
“aspects”: [“title”, “lifecycle”, “location”,“summary”,“editorial” ],
“maxResults” : “100”,
“offset”: “0”,
“sortOrder”: “DESC”,
“sortField”: “initialPublishDateTime”

Pre-request script: - Should include the code in this section or Text section?

if(!pm.variables.has(“offset” = “0”)){
postman.setNextRequest(“offset” = “100”);