Change filter settings in get request

Hi guys

Need ur help pls.

How can i change limit from 20 to 100 (or any number).
This is whats returned from my get request:

Hi @smnkv

I don’t understand the question.
That is the server response, so the data is being returned from a database i would assume. So to change that number it would need to be changed wherever that information is being stored to start with.

If my understanding of your question is wrong please describe what you are trying to do in more detail.

so that thing is showing how many txt messages were sent. Get request shows that there are154 messages all up. But it only shows 20 as 20 is the limit. How can i change the limit in get request so I would get all 154 txts shown?

Hey @smnkv

  • Are you following some public documentation for the API?

  • Do you know if that functionality has been implemented?

  • Have you tried using something like a ? limit=100 query param on the request.

  • Have you tried passing in a higher offset number in the request params? This could be being used as the starting point for the total returned.

  • Maybe a combination of the 2 properties might be needed ?offest=20&limit=100

Filtering/Pagination/etc isn’t just automagically added to every endpoint, it needs to be implemented. If you don’t have the documentation available, experiment using different common patterns to see if these impact the returned response.

yep i am following some doc, there they didnt mention anything re how to change limit

i tried added parameter limit = 100, but it didnt help

but i havent tried the offset