Postman API GET limiting to 50 results only?


Trying to use Postman to grab data from an API via GET and Authentication details. Initially I saw 3K rows of data which was great but then after counting actual records, there was only exactly 50 of which had multiple fields resulting in the 3K+ rows of data.

QUESTION: is there a general limit to API GET on Postman to 50 records? Any thoughts?

Hi @ddavid1101!

There isn’t a limit like this in Postman. It’s possible the API you’re working with paginates results. You may want to check the documentation for it, and look for something at the end of the JSON payload that contains pagination data.

Thanks John-Paul,
Their API guide is practically non-existent. See below link. There’s no filters such as Date range etc. All that was given to me was the URL and the authentication key.

Got it, thanks for sharing.

I see at least one of their endpoints supports pagination:

Maybe try including page_size as a query parameter with the number of results you want back?

That worked!! Thanks a million!

Sweet! Happy to help. :slight_smile: