OpenAPI Componentizer

Summary: Take any one or more OpenAPI 3.x definitions and loop through and move common objects to be centralized components. In the case of multiple input definitions, the common objects should be extracted to the components section of an external OpenAPI definition. Using the components object to centralize and reuse schemas, parameters, examples, and other elements of an API. Allowing for more efficient and reusable OpenAPI definitions that maximize the components object of the specification.

Skills: Familiarity with the OpenAPI specification.

Mentors: @bavulapati + 1-2 mentors from across Postman.

Project Repo: tbd

Project Size: 175h

Rating: Medium

Hi everyone I am Devaansh Kumar a 2nd year CSE student at NIT Surathkal. I have familiarized myself with OpenAPI specs and its interesting to see the rise and need of well defined specifications for APIs. Could more information be given about what particular definitions will the project be about?

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Hi, I am Dhruv Arora, second year CS student. I am very interested in contributing to Postman projects this year.

I think this project can be improved to make a whole OpenAPI optimizer for increasing OpenAPI efficiency and readability. Taking inspiration from the Async API optimizer project from 2021, I think could help.

Just waiting for qualification task and specific repo to begin coding.

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Excited :rocket: to see the community’s excitement to join the GSoC 2023!
We are defining the project scope right now. Once we have that, we will create a project repo and the tasks you can take on to showcase your enthusiasm.
Thank you

OpenAPI Componentizer, now has it’s GitHub repository with contributing guidelines and project requirements :rocket:
Feel free to use GitHub discussions, if you got any questions :question: or suggestions :bulb:.

Until April 4th, contributors may submit applications for working with us during Google Summer of Code.
Get started :rocket: with the qualifying task

Looking forward to collaborate with you all!

Hi @mission-operator-275 Devaansh Kumar!
Welcome to postman community :rocket:
The GitHub repo contains the details about the project. Please take a look and let us know if anything is missing.

Hi @Polaris Dhruv Arora!
Welcome to the Postman community!
The wait is over, we have the qualification task and the repo ready!
Looking forward!