GitHub OpenAPI Search

Summary: Provide a robust yet easy way to search Github for Swagger and OpenAPI definitions. Understanding that there is a lot of noise available, that we only care about OpenAPIs that validate, and that the Github API has rate limits that require you to automate the crawling over time. Providing a robust open-source solution that will crawl public Github repositories for machine-readable API definitions.

Skills: Knowledge of the Github API, and the OpenAPI specification.

Expected Outcomes: An open-source API that allows you to pass in search parameters and then utilize the GitHub API to perform the search, helping simplify the search interface, make rate limits visible as part of the response, and handle conducting a search in an asynchronous way, allowing the user to make a call to initiate, but then separate calls to receive results over time as results come in, helping show outcomes over time.

Mentors: @ialimustufa + 1-2 additional mentors

Project Repo: tbd

Size of Project: 175h

Rating: Easy

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Hi, I’m Rajagopalan, currently a sophomore in CSE-AI at Amrita University. As a web developer, I have a great interest in open source projects and have contributed to them in the past.

I’m keen to apply for the Postman project in GSOC 2023, as I believe my skills and interests are a good match for the project requirements. I’m confident that I can make a valuable contribution and would appreciate any guidance on the next steps for applying to the project.

It would be great if you could provide me with additional information about the project as well. I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the Postman community.

I’m Arnav, completing my third and final year of a Diploma in Computer Science Engineering. I am an avid web developer and have worked on various small-scale projects that have incorporated the use of Postman, as well as OpenAPI / Swagger documentation. I believe that such tools have unmet potential, available at one’s fingertips.

I’d love to work on this awesome project concept, alongside my mentors and peer contributors. I am confident that I can enhance my technical knowledge, network, as well as soft skills by contributing to this project.

I’d appreciate you sharing more documentation or information in general, regarding the project. I am sure that I will have a great time hacking on this project!