Clickable Link in API Response- Opening in a browser instead of as new request in postman

Hi there,

If there is a link in the API response then can it be opened in a browser upon clicking it, can we take this as an enhancement for future release ?

Hey @naveensharma89,
Postman already supports this. You can open the link in a browser by holding the command key (in Mac) or Ctrl (Windows/Linux) and clicking on the link.


thank you so much for enlightening this for me. Appreciate your help!

This doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m on a Mac. Holding down the command key and clicking on a link in a JSON response always opens it in a new Postman tab. I’m running Postman Version 7.6.0.

You might need to restart the Postman.

I just stumbled across this through a Google Search,

I have determined that cmd+click on my external keyboard causes the link to open in a new Postman tab. However, clicking the link with the cmd key on my Macbook does in fact open the link in the browser.

Very bizzare!