Open a request that was previously saved in a collection

Hello Users

I am posting this in the “Just Getting Started” section because this topic would probably be searched for there.

I am trying to move from using Fiddler, SoapUI, cURL and Telnet for many years. Postman seems pretty interesting but the concept of opening a request that was previously saved in a collection seems incredibly difficult or it is simply missing from v7.2.2.

Concise Steps to Demonstrate
1-Create a new Request
2-SaveAs to a collection
3-Close Postman
4-Open Postman
5-Attempt to open a previously saved request from a previously created collection
6-Search in the usual places online
7-Give up and manually create a request (leading one to settle for other solutions for performing an HTTP GET with HTTP headers)

There seems to be no UI option for performing this most basic task and new users like me and the many others that may read this, would like to know how to open a request that we previously saved to a collection. I have searched all the articles that I could find on Google and this topic seems to be skipped over - leading me to wonder if a UI option is missing in v7.2.2 (I am not familiar with previous version). Without opening a request from a collection, the task of saving a request in a collection seems to accomplish nothing. There is a [New] button, and new Tab and new Window options on the File menu. An option for viewing a collection and then opening the collection, or a request from a collection would seem really useful.

I would suggest that this topic be one of the very first things covered in a Getting Started Tutorial - just as the tutorial for an editor would include File->Save and File->Open.

I have tested my concerns with several other (non-Postman) users and they too are stumped on how to perform this most basic yet important task. I would think that this could be reproduced by anyone by grabbing a new user and observing them attempting to open their saved work.

Thanks for any assistance.

There is a panel and splitter on the left (that may have to be expanded) and then to the right of the History option there is a Collections option. Drilling down into the Collection shows the requests. For whatever reason this does not stand out to new users so perhaps a traditional menu item could assist new users. The opening modal window/wizard could also offer this option (even if it simply stated what to do). Creating, saving and opening requests are probably going to be the first tasks that a new user performs.

@seaniton Hello and welcome to the community! :wave:

I am not sure why exactly you are unable to see any saved requests, my guess is that your collection-sidebar is closed.
The sidebar lists all your collection and under each collection you’ll see all your requests that you saved to it.
The moment you click on any of the requests, it should open up in a tab on the right side.

Please click on the following image to expand it

If the sidebar is not visible to you, can you click this button on the bottom left to toggle it?

Clicking on any request in the sidebar opens it up in the tab.

If you can’t see your collections/requests saved in the collection-sidebar now, can you please share a gif / video to show what exactly is happening?
If the collections/requests are missing after saving them then this is definitely not the expected behaviour.