Save button disabled in Save Request

No matter what I do, the Save button is not clickable…


I don’t see any Collections being displayed in the lower section. The request is saved into a Collection. The save button is disabled until a Request name is entered and a Collection has been selected into which it is to be saved.



I second what @mick.mcbride is saying here. You need to create a collection/folder to save the request into in order to save it.

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“+ Create Collection” button in fact does not create a collection. You will have to pre-create it on the left side of the window and only then select it in the pop up. That’s the design flaw we have to deal with

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Not sure which Postman version that you’re running but this is a quick example of the + Create Collection button in the 7.15.0 version of the application.

If you pressing the + Create Collection button, enter a name and then either hit the Enter key or press the tick icon. You will see the Collection created in the sidebar and you will be able to save the Request to the new Collection.

Oh then sorry, i was wrong. I thought a tick was that i am allowed to create collection with this name. Yeah, it sounds strange now, but then it was pretty reasonable… for some reason. Thanks for the response

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Thanks, I misunderstood the context.