Postman cannot find my saved collections?

Postman v7.0.7
Windows 10

So I created a collection, and saved a POST process to it.
Now I created another request and went to save it. and the save dialog asks me for the collection to save it to, it doesn’t recognize my existing collection, and if I chose to +Create Collection under the same name, it does just that, makes a totally new empty collection under the same name.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t how it’s suppose to work?

Have you had a chance to look at the documentation surrounding this functionality?

When you go to save the new request, does the Collection you create show up under the “Select a collection or folder to save to:” section? It is at the bottom on the “Save Request” Screen.

Well no, therein lies the problem… I can see my collection on the sidebar, but it doesn’t show up in the list. And if I search for it, nothing.
Not sure how RTFD will shed much light on this?


Would you be able to show a screen shot of your issue? Somethign like the one here, that shows your collections AND the Save window?

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been off to other things for a bit.
Turned out that a restart/login of the application “fixed” it, although the two requests that I wanted to save were lost in the process.