Not able to see the Javascript or node JS code in Postman


I am trying to see the javascript code for my api request and couldn’t able to see the code wherever the arrow is there in the code snippet dropdown as shown in the below screenshots.
arrow means :image
I am new to this app.
Can you please help me in how to see the code?


Hey @lokesh.vamsi,

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This thread might be able to help you:

Alternatively, you could go to the General Settings menu and enable this toggle to see a new version of the Code Generator.

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This helps.

Can you please send me any document how to use postman as new to this tool?


This is an awesome YouTube playlist created by @vdespa, that you could start learning more about the features and how you could use them:

Additional places to find information about getting started are right there in the app, in our Bootcamp. This is an interactive way to learn about the major features within the application.

This can be opened by selecting this icon in the bottom right section of the app.


I went through it in weekend and it’s helpful!

Thanks for all your advises!

I am new to this coding and all as I work in sales compensation tool which provides Rest API to pull data outside.

There are some challenges currently am facing like converting JSON Data to CSV and giving business an option of downloading it.

I have requested another question about it.

Appreciate your help

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