Postman 11 upgrade: Where has my Tests code gone?

After (forced) upgrade, I can no longer access the code of my Tests.
This has apparently been moved to Scripts.

But the Scripts dialog does not show my code anywhere.

Postbot appears to agree :slight_smile:
Where has my Tests code gone ?

It seems that the “Tests code” may not be available at the moment. The response for the GET request to the specified endpoint indicates that the “lastOrigin” field in the response body is empty. This could mean that there is no data available for the “Tests code” currently. You may need to check if there are any issues with the data source or if the “Tests code” has been removed.

Hey @RobinMartin :wave:

The Scripts section, shows the pre-request and post-response sub tabs.

Scripts opens up on the post-response sub tab by default so if you click on that and had test code within that section, it would have been displayed.

When you first updated it would have shown this view in the request, with the Scripts and Tests in view:

Clicking on either of them would have taken you here and shown you this pop up informing you of the change:

Are you seeing something different?

You are correct, Sir, I did go through those dialogs reflected here.
( When I clicked on the Tests tab )

This display should highlight my quandary :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, that’s a static cropped image of the app. I have no idea what state that might have been in before this point or before you updated. :sweat_smile:

I don’t know what Tests you might have had in there before or if everything was previously saved.

There’s a huge gap in the previous information here. Did you run these requests before? Are those previous saved calls in the history?

False Alarm: ID10T / PEBKAC error.

Looking at an older export of this collection where the code still exists, I see I left myself notes to migrate the response body reduction to the API itself, i.e. out of Postman.

To further confirm, I have checked one of the other Tests in a different collection and that code is correctly displayed and accessible.
Nothing wrong on the Postman side - it is all on me :open_mouth:

Apologies for my panic and wasting your time.


Never wasting anyone’s time Robin - It’s better to reach out and confirm first :heart:

Glad you have it working - We’re always here if you need anything else. :trophy:

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