Postman not generating python code snippets

just bought pro - using work laptop, its windows =(
did some GETs, got some code - but it didn’t generate it in python
so I upgraded…


  1. how do I determine if the app I am using is pro or not?
    when I look at help, I get
    You are up to date! Postman v7.5.0 is the latest version.
    But is it the pro version?

  2. why can I not generate python code snippets?

Any help with above is greatly appreciated!


Hello, Dan! Hope this will relieve you of your frustration:

  1. At the top-right corner of the Postman app, click on the drop-down menu indicated by the down-arrow symbol (next to ‘Upgrade’). Click on the Billing option. You should now automatically be directed to your web dashboard where your Current Plan will be displayed. If the payment went through successfully, your Postman Pro subscription should be updated there.

  2. Once you’ve finalized and saved your request to a collection, you should be able to generate code snippets in Python (or in any of the supported languages/frameworks) without even upgrading to Pro. Right below the blue Send button and the Save button (on the builder), you’d typically see few options, viz. Cookies, Code, Comments, etc. Click on Code and voila - a pop-up window titled ‘Generate Code Snippets’ appears, where you can select your desired language.

You can also change your Postman Pro plan; let me link you up with the Learning Center’s handy docs.

Have a great day! :smile:

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Uhm, yeah there is no upgrade banner, and no down arrow – the payment did go through though … invoice #FB21EAB8-0001

So the generate code snippets issue still persists:

I can hover over the python button, and the arrow moves from pointing right

To pointing left:


But there are no options to convert to python.

From what I’ve seen, the arrow moves and provides what version of python includes you wish to use.

This isn’t happening for me…

Any help would be appreciated.




Hey @dcorwell,

There is also an Expiremental Code Gen option available to you, which might help here.

If you go to Settings > General and toggle on that feature, this will give you access to the new UI and functionality for the code snippets.