Non-ascii characters written to log cause aws cloudwatch get failure

I don’t know if this is something that PostMan should address, or AWS, but I’ll start here.

I’ve included Postman tests in a build process in the context of a AWS CodeBuild project. The build runs on a Linux instance. AWS captures to the console output to a CloudWatch log. When I attempt to retrieve the cloudwatch log using

aws logs get-log-events

That (python) application blows up, reporting an invalid unicode character in the content.

Since there are so many variables and steps in the process, this could take a while to nail down, but I thought I’d start here: are you aware of any problems resulting from PostMan writing invalid characters to the log?

For example, output produced by
console.log('Hello from the pre-request script')
writes to the log with a non-ascii preamble. Postman is trying to draw boxing characters to connect lines together. The rendering depends on the renderer: in a windows powershell console it looks like this:

and when captured to a file and opened in UltraEdit, it looks like
(Oh, darn, new users are only allowed one image per post. )

I suppose that if I posted this as a feature request, it would be “provide an option to disable ascii art on console output”.


Hey @leotohill, this can be done with the --disable-unicode option. You might also want to use no-color, if colouring symbols are interfering with the result. All these options are documented here: :smile: