Displaying non-american characters on Postman

Hello everyone,

I have an issue when I want to display non-american characters such as β€œΓ©β€ on postman. When I compile the code that has to display these types of characters on my console, it works, but when I use this code as an api in Postman, the response displays β€œ\u00e9” instead of β€œΓ©β€.

I tried to change the Content-Type to application/json;charset=utf-8 , but nothing changed.

Thanks for your help !

When I send that using Postman Echo, it goes through fine.

But I can see in the URL in the console log that its automatically encoding it.

So what is actually sent is the following.


Which is the same principle as the following.

let string = "Γ©";

console.log(string); // "Γ©"

const encoded = encodeURI(string); 

console.log(encoded); // "%C3%A9"
console.log(decodeURI(encoded)); // "Γ©"

You might need to send the encoded value instead.

Hi, I’m coming back to you,

The problem was just that, in order to print the result on postman, I used the json.dumps() method but if I don’t put ensure_ascii=False then it doesn’t convert non-american characters. I add this and now it works well.