Interceptor encoding problem

I`ve configured postman desctop to capture request with interceptor and have installed chrome Postman Interceptor
Capture works well, except json data in postman encoded wrong, eg
{“id”:63,“name”:“Копия Гречневая каша”,“author”:{“id”:5,“name”:“Вадим”,

so, cyrilic symbols is misencoded

Hi @FrimInc, Welcome to the community!

It seems to be issue with character set encoding. Can you check in postman console also, if same issue is coming.

If possible can you please share some screenshots to have a better understanding of the query.

Console show no errors.
Problem is how interceptor catch requests and send it to postman desctop app in broken encoding.
I`ve swithed to proxy and now all work well.

@FrimInc, checking the console, I here mean to check the raw response in console and check if encoding is again creating issue?

In chrome console request is ok, in postman console encoding is broken to.
But when i “copy xhr” from chrome and import it in postman - all works correct.
When i catch reuqests with proxy - all works correct too.
Problem is only with requests catched with interceptor.