Newman gives "read ECONNRESET", but Postman works fine

I have a collection that runs against an AWS APIGateway endpoint. Within Postman the requests work great. But when I run the requests using newman, I get this

  #  failure         detail

 1.  Error
                     read ECONNRESET
                     at request
                     inside "AccountLookup PUB"

 2.  AssertionError  Status code is 200
                     expected { Object (id, _details, ...) } to have property 'code'
                     at assertion:0 in test-script
                     inside "AccountLookup PUB"

What is happening here?

I am too facing with the same issue. Check whether you are able to ping the site URL you are using in the postman collection from the command prompt.
If you get request time out there might be proxy issue. Which is preventing access to internet or it is not going via Proxy. if you are using proxy set the proxy in the environment variables as HTTPS_PROXY= PROXY VALUE