Error: read ECONNRESET while executing through Newman and collection runner

Hi Team,

I am new to POSTMAN and i have been facing error “Error: read ECONNRESET” while running the collection through Collection runner and New man

This issue is existing for request that are having response more than 4 seconds, and that too not every time. While running the request in manual way by clicking Send it is giving valid response

The request which shows error “Error: read ECONNRESET”, may not show the error again. It is intermittent issue… But its pointing towards stability issue in collection runner and newman

It would be a really good if someone could help with the above issue

Hey @sonutitus

Is there a reason that you have the 2 setTimeout functions in the script?

Does the connection timeout after a certain amount of time?

What’s the response time of the request that passes compared to the same request the is intermittently failing?

Hi @dannydainton ,

Thank you for the quick response.

The reason I tried using timeout is because this ECONNRESET issue, so the timeout would actually wait for the response

1st Timeout is used to wait 2 seconds after getting the response and the second time out 1 second is used to wait before storing the response to variable.

But timeout itself was just workaround i tried to achieve to solve the ECONNRESET issue, but was not successful

The response time passes : anything below 3 seconds are working


No, there is no connection timeout while Sending request using the script using SEND button

Hi Joyce,

Hope you are doing good.

Could you please suggest some work around if you have faced the above issue. ? There are almost 132 request in total

Is there issue resolved already? I encountered this issue as well.
I have 2 requests in the collection,

  • if I run requests one by one by clicking “Send” button, both requests succeeded.
  • if I run the collection using collection runner, I get “Error: read ECONNRESET” for the 2nd request every time,

This issue not seen again after I rebooted the host manually… Thanks.