Error: read ECONNRESET while running postman collection

i’m trying to run a web-service test Using CSV data files in the Postman Collection Runner .

When i parameterize and give more than one value , for the 2nd iteration am getting the following error in the postman console Postman Collection Runner has two POST services and one PUT service , first service has email field and 2nd service has phone number .

Service 1 :- POST


{ “email”: “{{email}}”, “username”: “testuser_{{$timestamp}}”, “newPassword”: “Online@1”, “postalZip”: “K2K3N5” }

Service 2 :- POST
{ “phone”: {{phone}}, “postalZip”: “K2K3N5” }

Service 3 :- PUT
{ “jobTitle”:“Director”, “title”:“Ms” }

for example my CSV file content is as below

Email Phone 1234567890 1234567891

for the 2nd iteration am getting the below error in the console for the Service 2 and service 3 is skipped.

Error: read ECONNRESET Warning: This request did not get sent completely and might not have all the required system headers if i run this one by one i.e if the csv has only 1 value at a time then it works without any problem.

What i have observed from console is that for the 2nd iteration for the 2nd run cookie is not taking correctly from the previous service. kind sure that this has something to do with the cookie or the header … not sure what exactly is missing through

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