30 Days for Developers badge failed


After submitting my Workspace for the 30 Days of Postman completion badge, I get the following message via e-mail:

Ensure that you run the solution check to verify your changes and then submit again, in order to get your badge.

Check Day 13

However, the Day 13 Submit request tests all pass, as do the tests when running the Collection from Newton CLI. Screenshots of both sets of results attached for your reference.

It has me scratching my head. Please help.

*Public Workspace URL: Postman

*Workspace ID: f80fda2f-9e59-4d81-b96e-dfbdf9a93618

*Postman Version: Postman v10.24.26

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Hey @posten-postner :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

You seem to have a URL Query param in the species request - Removing that and re-submitting for the badge should fix this:

I can see that you have now been awarded the badge :trophy: - I’ve also manually applied it to your community profile as you included the wrong username in the submission.

Hi, Danny - thank you for solving that for me. All good, now. Much appreciated.

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