Monitoring limit


I have a Pro account, if I reach the 10k monitoring limit, will I be charged for the requests or will it be blocked?

Thank you

Hey @gabriel.fiel — welcome to the Postman Community! :rocket: With a Pro account if you went over 10k, you would be charged (see here). If you’re anticipating needing more than that, I’d recommend upgrading to Enterprise (100k limit) or opting for packs of pre-purchased calls, which you can buy via the Dashboard.

If you’d like to stay within that limit, you can track your usage in the app by clicking on “Team” in the upper-right corner. As your usage nears the limit, you can choose to pause or lessen the frequency of your monitors. Please note that we do not currently have a feature to cap usage, so this would be self-serve.

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Thank you Claire :slight_smile:

I would appreciate that feature in the future.

Hi @gabriel.fiel, you can control whether you want to allow monitoring overage or not from the billing -> overage section by selecting the “Allow monitoring overages” checkbox