Monitor usage alert seems wrong


I’ve got an email alert saying I’m approaching my usage limit for monitors. Supposedly, I’ve spent over 90% of the 1,000 limit for the free tier. As can be seen below, right under Monitoing Usage Details it says I’ve spent 235 monitors so far in the cycle that ends May 15. However, at the right there’s this 902/1000 tally and the yellow warning.

I’ve gone through each of my 15 monitors to see if any had stopped or were generating many errors but could not find any problem.

Is there any other way I could check what’s going on?

It seems that I fell into this trap again. I added a Team and added myself to it, but by doing so all my monitors were being counted twice somehow.

Now I’ve deleted the Team and several monitors, but some seem to be still running. How can I open a support ticket to ask that these monitors be completely removed, before I re-add them with the proper settings?


FYI support ticket: 106092