My journey with Postman!

Dear Community!!

In the midst of this pandemic, we all need to take care of our mental health. So, on a positive note I thought of summing-up some good memories of mine.

I have collated all my notable things so far in my Postman Journey. Please ready my blog in Medium or Blogger.

Thanks @hannah.neil - for being there for us always, you are an amazing person.

Thanks @dannydainton - you are a role model for all of us, I admire your honesty.

Thanks @suesmith (I hope you will read this!) - Your collections not only gave us an opportunity to learn more about Postman, it builds our confidence on Postman.

Thanks @joyce - You are one of the super star and the recently developed “30 Days of Postman” is really cool and the details provided over the documentation are incredible.

And many more good people here @sean.keegan , @meenakshi.dhanani , @arlemi and so on….

Sorry if I missed out any of you guys. I always admire you all :man_astronaut:

Special thanks and shoutout to all the community contributors too, I am learning from you everyday :hugs:

Let’s practice gratitude and make a positive impact in our Community :heavy_heart_exclamation:


It’s such a beautiful journey and how lovely that you are sharing this. There’s a lot of effort and push to go from initial hesitation to running webinars/speaking and sharing. I’m so glad that you are a part of this community and the fact that you’ve always stepped forward :clap: Continue to inspire :bowing_woman: :trophy:


You really jumped in feet-first, and inspire me every day! Thanks for sharing about your experience in the Postman community :heart:


Your story is amazing and I loved reading your blog post! You’re a positive light and shining member of the community! I had no idea you started using Postman less than a year ago. I would’ve guessed you’d been a Postman pro for many years :slight_smile:

Excited to continue to see you grow.


Awww!!! Thanks a lot guys… I thought this is much needed during this pandemic :hugs: :hugs:

Hope this post will make an positive impact too!! Take care :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for sharing @bpricilla! You’ve contributed a huge amount to the Postman community and always bring such positivity and empathy! :rocket: :hugs: :star: