Community Spotlight: Orest Danylewycz

@odanylewycz has been a friendly face around our Community forum–perhaps you’ve seen one of his 167+ (and rising) helpful replies to questions. Orest is who we’re highlighting this November for our Community Spotlight series.

In his own words, he participates so heavily here because “After learning so much, I’ve wanted to give back the same knowledge that I was taught to the community at large”.

Orest is one of the friendliest people I’ve personally met–in tech or otherwise–so if you’re looking for some community connection, I volunteer him as tribute!

If you’re interested in chatting about the Postman Community and want to share your motiviation for being here, please reach out. I’d love to chat.


Thank you for the kind words @hannah.neil, and for making me the highlight of the Community Spotlight series for the month!

My door is always open and I’m happy to connect with anyone, and give my 2 cents where it’s welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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@hannah.neil It very true Hannah. I second that. I landed here months back when I was watching one of his YouTube tutorials. I had some issues with my XML response using cheerio. His help in that was really unforgettable and that really motivated to stay connected with our community :grinning:


@bpricilla Thank you for such the kind words, it’s touching. I do remember when I was first helping you, I was using my phone at times to respond back as I didn’t have access to computer! I’m sure glad video tutorial was of value to you, and helped you accomplish the challenges you were having.

Likewise, its appreciation like what you’ve shown now, that inspires me to continue being active in this community, but also to continue making more videos, to help you, and many others like yourself, using Postman and other IT tools, to achieve success in their careers and technology aspirations :blush:

Always here to help, and thanks again for voicing your thoughts, it really means so much for me to hear it.