Multi threads Runner


Any chance Postman Runner will have multi threads management ? Would be a cool feature :wink:



Welcome to the community!

There are a couple options for executing parallel collections runs.

  1. You could open multiple Collection Runner windows and execute runs in parallel.
  2. You could use Newman as a library and execute multiple runs in parallel. See here:
  3. If you’re doing more advanced performance/load testing, you could export a Postman collection as a JMeter test suite and use JMeter instead. There’s a tool called postmanctl that uses the Postman API. It can output a rendered template using a collection’s JSON structure as the input. You can see a JMeter example here:

There is an old GitHub issue for this feature request here: If you have more details to request in such a feature, I’d recommend opening a new issue and referencing this one.

Hope this helps!