How to run concurrent API requests through POSTMAN?

I need a solution to run same API call concurrently?

I have a post method to authenticate a user and as a result will get an access token, But at the same time I want this API call to run concurrently 500 times. How I can run this API call through POSTMAN.

I’ve already tried it through Runner option with below options but I get below error:
Iterations: 100
Delay: 1ms


Hello @Hamzariaz, Welcome to the Community :tada:

I won’t say this as error. It is just an information that test tab is not having pm.test function to check whether the API request has passed your expected condition or not.

For example, I have two requests where I prefer one request to pass 200 response and the other to just have some code store and get cookies. The pm.test show the pass status, but the other one without any pm.test that shows The request does not have any tests. PFA, the attached screenshot for reference.

Edit 2:

To run the request parallelly, I will suggest using Postman’s CLI tool Newman.


I hope this is helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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@sahuvikramp Thanks for the information. It was really helpful.

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