Running Multiple Collections Simultaneously in Postman

I’m currently working on a project that involves testing multiple APIs using Postman, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to run multiple collections at once in Postman. Running collections individually can be time-consuming, and I’m looking for a more efficient way to execute tests.

I have several collections, each with its own set of requests and tests. I’m using the Postman App Version 10.18.2 on Windows 11.

Hey @hooper7775 :wave:

Unless you have multiple instances of Postman open, you wouldn’t be able to do this through the UI. Having multiple instances running would have its own set of problems though.

You could use the Postman CLI, to run the Collections from the Command line. Setting up a script to kick off multiple collections, running at the same time could work.

Newman is another option that can be used to run the Collections from the command line.

Sounds like a feature request as running tests in parallel is usually something to consider when picking automated test tools. (To bring the execution time down).

It’s usually a resource question in relation to the host where the tests are run. More tests = more resource needed.

@hooper7775 You might want to submit a feature request for this at Postman App Support

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